Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shout It Out Loud

As some of you may know there is an important presentation occurring on Wednesday
January 13th at the Allentown Library. Greenways Inc. will be holding a public meeting
to unveil their draft for connecting Allentown's parks and trails to promote a “green”
infrastructure for our community. We at BikeAllentown are very excited about this plan
and what it can mean to our community.
This is a wonderful opportunity for all of our organization's and our community, and we
would like to see everyone involved. Please inform your organization's members and
see how many would be interested in attending. All BikeAllentown members will be in
attendance that evening as well as providing refreshments for the event.
Your presence and support is also needed as we expect representation from factions who
are opposed to this plan. Please come out and show your support for this great
opportunity to make Allentown greener and healthier!

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