Thursday, January 14, 2010

Molovinsky Loves Us

We must have arrived as BikeAllentown has received a shout out on Molovinsky's blog - - and apparently we are being referred to as clowns.  I am hurt - not really - as there is no better example of the pot calling the kettle black.  I have tried to address the embellishments and half-truths that appear on his blog to no avail.  His minions have drank the koolaid and any attempt to reply to his accusations is met with vitriol and name calling.  Moving forward I shall make all replies here.  I invite the comments of Mr. Molovinsky, his followers and any of you anonymous folks - I will not even filter them first.  Let it rip.  That being said -

-That is apparently not THIS bunch of clowns in Molovinsky's post as we do not have any bike lanes in Allentown and although my clown wig is yellow - I have NEVER had it in ponytails
-BikeAllentown did not co-sponsor the meeting nor did the City come to us for support.  We became involved in the plan simply because we were looking for bike racks so that we could safely lock our bikes when using them to travel throughout the City.  We offered our support to the City as we feel this plan makes sense - for runners, walkers, hikers, - I know it makes me a bad person - but yes cyclists, and anyone else who cares not to jump behind the wheel of a car to travel a mile - or ten
-The planning committee consisted of folks from the Wildlands Conservancy, School Board, AEDC, PENDOT, Trexler Trust, Allentown Health Bureau, Allentown Hiking Club, CAT, West End Alliance/Road Runners (one person who wears many more hats than those two but gave balanced input throughout), I am sure I am missing some - for which I apologize - but that is off the top of my head from Wednesday's meeting, AND yes you got us - the cat is out of the bag - members from BikeAllentown.  Seems like a fairly diverse group to me
-If someone receives a notice for this plan and throws it away (that is the first mistake - as it was paper it should have been recycled - shame on them) because they are too lazy to read it - they have no one to blame but themselves.  Laziness a conspiracy does not make
-Many folks on Molovinsky's site need a hug
-If you take the time to make such angry and misguided statements which make it apparent you know nothing about the actual plan - you should give the public the chance to share your wisdom or lack thereof - if it really does make you "throw up" - we will understand - at least we will know it is real passion and not just the long awaited window for you to use "throw up" in a sentence (ironpigpen - I said it before - that is just silly)
-While there has been much smack talk and thumping of the chest on Molovinsky's site - I really did not hear much opposition at the meeting last evening.  I understand there was not unlimited time for public comment - but that effects those in favor as much as those opposed. I feel that once seeing that the proposed improvements focus more on improving the existing infrasturcture via shared lane markings for dreaded cyclists and pedestrian improvements in the form of higher visibility crosswalks and curb cuts that do not drop you out into oncoming traffic - the fear of this embellished "paving all the parks" hysteria suddenly lost much of its credibility
-Part of this plan is to establish a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission - Molovinsky - you have my nomination for that committee - hopefully you can get it pointed in the right direction

My last note of this post:
-Molovinsky sure is passionate about the WPA Fountain Steps - apparent as there is a mention in his every post about this plan - and many other plans for that matter. I propose he start a group of volunteers specific to preserving and highlighting these gifts that the City is blessed to have.  He could set up periodic excursions for those that are not familiar with them and while there the group can not only learn about the history of that specific site but spend some time clearing and beautifying those areas.  I know that my BikeAllentown friends would be on board to help - I would even volunteer to haul tools out there on my bike trailer

Ride on!


  1. that's the problem with Molovinsky.he would rather stand on a corner shaking his fist at passing cars then extend a hand in friendship and actually get something done. him and 5 or 6 other people who read his blog did a great job uncovering a lost gem in the parkway (the 'boat landing") .if he would have only approached a small goup of spandex clad heathens (you know, the ones who actually use the parks in Allentown) he probably would have had about 30 shovels there.just one example.

  2. Jody - you are first official comment - welcome. That is the best summary of MM I have heard thus far. To hear he and his folks tell it - cyclists are the bane of humanity - will not stop my wheels from rolling on