Friday, January 29, 2010

Think Warm Thoughts

Blustery again - is there no end to this madness?  On yet another 37 layer day - my thoughts drift to warmer weather and single layer rides - where my sweat does not freeze.  We are in the process of planning our 2010 BikeAllentown ride schedule.  As last year was our first year of existence - things did not always go smoothly - the weather was often not cooperative - and our route was often the same.

In 2010 we are looking for more participation and some more interesting dates - heck we are even going to consider rain dates to spite Mother Nature and her apparent lack of compassion for our love of riding.  Have any ideas?  Anywhere you have wanted to ride - but have not had enough confidence to set off on your own - or possibly just felt it would be better sharing that ride with others?  Let us know.  We have a few ideas on the table but we would love some suggestions/input.  Heck - we would love some more participants to boot.

Feel free to share your thoughts here or send an e-mail to - we hope to see you on the ride.  In the interim - think warm thoughts.  Ride on!

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