Friday, December 18, 2009

Layer Up

It was a little over a week off from my bike commute due to incessant ice accumulation and a bit of minor surgery.  So Wednesday - the coldest day of the season thus far - one that the only weather description given on the forecast was "blustery" - I put on some extra layers and jumped on my bike for the twelve mile ride to my office.  The first is always the hardest.  I must say it was not so bad and I recommend you give it a try.  If you have access to garments with "Windbloc" fabris - I recommend it as it will save a layer.  My recipe was two layers on the bottom, a light moisture wicking layer, a mid-weight top layer that preferably gives you neck coverage, a "Windbloc" fleece jacket, a balaclava and of course a helmet. The only real problem area is my eyes, as although I wear glasses (interchangeable lenses are optimum as it will probably be dark on your return trip - which means you will need light and rear blinkers - but that is a whole dofferent post) I still get alot of frozen tears until my head warms up. I would also recommend you bring an extra layer, I throw a mid-weight vest in my backpack, so that if you get cold on your ride you have something to cure that - if I do not wear it on the ride to - I definitely throw it on for the ride home when the sun has set.  As I say - the first journey is the hardest - which is a bonus as it was ten degrees colder on my ride in today then it was on Wednesday and I was fine.  Amazing that you can still sweat when the weather is in the low 20's.  Suit up - go out and ride on!

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