Wednesday, March 3, 2010

City Council Tonight

It has been a hectic few weeks for me since the last Greenways meeting and fortunately there has not been much to muse about in the bike world due to the continuing wrath of Mother Nature. Adopting the Greenways plan is is on this evening's City Council agenda.  There are rumblings that Fox News will be wandering about to try and paint the Greenways Plan as a waste of Stimulus Funding.  Not sure how that can be as this is only being adopted as a plan and not yet funded.  Online social networking and blog sites are buzzing with input from both those who support and those who are against the plan.  Maybe I am biased - but I think of this as a great way to link Allentown's existing beautiful parks.  I can only see benefit to making the streets that link our parks safer so that people do not feel as if they have to use an automobile to get to the parks as walking or riding a bike is just unsafe.  I think getting more people into our parks would justify designating additional funds for the maintenance issues that currently exist.  No one is saying this is going to be a miracle cure for Allentown - but it surely cannot hurt to adopt the plan so that we have the opportunity to apply for funds that other cities that have a Master Plan are already receiving.  I will try and provide an update of this evening's meeting tomorrow.  Ride on.     

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