Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Some do it for their health. Some do it out of necessity. Some do it because it is a passion from birth.  Some do it because it is cheaper than therapy.  Most do it for some combination of all those reasons.  Whatever your reason - we want to hear your voice.  Bike Allentown is a group of bicyclists that are dedicated to making bike riding more of a norm than an exception.  We feel that if you choose to go by bike not only should you not have to fear for your safety enroute to your destination, but that once you arrive you should have someplace to safely secure your steed.  Whether your motivation for cycling is recreation, transportation or necessity - we want to help you get the information you need to make it a pleasant experience.  Check our website at often.  Check our calendar for the dates of our monthly low pace scenic rides through Allentown, business meetings or if you prefer - more casual "brainstorming" sessions.  Tell all your bike riding buddies to check us out as well.  We hope to meet you soon.  Ride on.

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