Friday, September 25, 2009

No Seriously Folks

One does not always think of McDonalds and health/fitness synonymously - so going into yesterday's Tour de Fitness I really did not know what to expect.  After having participated with a number of other fellow cyclists I am not sure that there is enough room to describe all of the "feel good" moments of the day. First - Ronald really does ride a bike - and a unicycle - and juggles - and can do a handstand on three precariously stacked metal chairs. I am still laughing more than 24 hours later. It seems the current Ronald is a retired bike patrol police officer who has been to clown school and stunt school. The program that McDonalds and BikeLine have put together is both informative and entertaining. Each school was given a $1000.00 donation towards their physical education programs. We learned that McD's is the largest purchaser of apples in the U.S. - who knew? Participants in the rides between schools included Allentown Police Officers, Firemen, riders sponsored by BikeLine and of course some BikeAllentown folks. Ronald told the students the importance of exercise, nutrition and rest and then launched into some very entertaining bike tricks as well as some self abusive physical comedy. It was truly good for the soul to see the children so engaged in the presentation and being able to have some time away from their studies to not have to worry about anything else other than laughter. Props go to the Pricipals at all three schools as you can tell just by watching that they care about every student and seem to have worked very hard to have earned their respect. Great stuff. If the Tour comes back through next year I encourage anyone who has some extra time to join the ride - or at least take to the streets to watch it roll by. Ride on!

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