Monday, May 17, 2010

Bike to Work

It is Bike to Work Week - with Friday being the official Ride to Work Day.  Mother Nature is not completely cooperating but the temps are nice enough to pack some rain gear and suck it up for the ride home.  I hooked up the trailer and gave myself a little resistance training on my 12 mile ride in today.  Definitely got alot of second looks from motorists.  Sad to report that I only saw one other cyclist this morning - but I am hoping folks were just going in a direction oppostie mine.

I saw alot of cyclists breaking laws this weekend.  Saw two folks blow through a red light out towards the Velodrome - same rules apply to cyclists - please ride respectfully - follow the rules of the road and don't give us a bad name.  Saw two more folks further up Rte 100 that were riding against traffic - again same rules apply - you should be riding with traffic not against.  It is actually less safe to ride against traffic - especially for the person that was riding towards them on the proper side - someone is going to be forced out into traffic in that situation.

Summary:  Ride to work - following the proper rules of the road - be safe.  Ride on!

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